Fabricating Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers Since 1947

Perry Products is “The Best Choice”. Established in 1947, our experience, capabilities, Rapid Production Process (RPP) with 4-6 week delivery, Re-Rate Program and repair expertise make Perry Products your best choice for new or refurbished shell and tube heat exchangers, repairs, replacement components and quick delivery.
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Need a 4-6 Week Delivery?

Under the Rapid Response Process (RPP) Program, Perry Products designs and manufacturers carbon steel and stainless steel heat exchangers in diameters from 4” through 24” up to 40’ long in as little as 4 weeks. With 24/7 capabilities, even large heat exchangers can be expedited through fabrication. Call Perry Products for all your quick delivery requirements.Learn More About Us

Rerate, Redesign and Modification Program

In a hurry and want to save up to 50% on your next shell and tube heat exchanger? Consider a used rerated and/or redesigned shell and tube heat exchanger guaranteed like new! Learn More About Us

Hainesport, New Jersey, USA - Thursday September 27, 2012: Recently completed heat exchangers receive finishing touches at Perry Products of Hainesport, NJ. Pictured are four TEMA 24"-218" AES Heat Exchangers, and two TEMA 10" - 216" AEM Heat Exchangers The firm specializes in the production of high quality shell and tube heat exchangers using thermal and mechanical designs geared to provide efficient solutions to unique heat transfer problems. The products conform to standards established by the Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association (www.tema.org). Photography Copyright ©2012 Steven L. Lubetkin All Rights Reserved Email: steve@lubetkin.net Phone: 856.751.5491 http://www.lubetkin.net

RPP Custom Build 600 X 400



24-Hour Quote Turnaround Time

Need a quote fast? Perry Products will provide pricing for your custom designed Rapid Production Process (RPP) heat exchangers within 24 hours.

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Perry Products’ engineers utilize Heat Transfer Research Incorporated (HTRI) software for thermal, hydraulic and vibration analysis during the design optimization process. Compress, PVElite, RCS, FEPipe, AutoCAD and Solid Works are the software tools used for mechanical design and 3D model development of each shell and tube heat exchanger.

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