Clean Room Welding Technology

IMG_1971Clean Room For Welding Titanium and High Alloy Materials

Sensitive application heat exchangers made of Titanium, stainless steel and other high alloys require a highly controlled fabrication environment to avoid weld contamination.

– 1900 Square Feet of Manufacturing Space

– Cross-Flow/Down-Flow Air Pattern Moves Suspended Particulate to a HEPA Filtered Air Exhaust or Forces Evacuation Through Pressure Relief Areas At End of The Room

– Positive Pressure Helps Eliminate Entrainment of External Contaminants

– High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) Air Filtration Filters Incoming Air To Ensure Clean Environmental Air For Welding

– 5.5 Air Changes/Hour Help Ensure Removal of All Suspended Particulate in The Air

With shielding gas and a clean room environment, Perry Products protects welds from contamination during the fabrication process.