Company Overview


Perry Products has been manufacturing high quality shell and tube heat exchangers since 1947. Our Hainesport, NJ facility uses engineering and manufacturing practices geared to provide the most cost effective solutions for your unique heat transfer problems. Perry Products was founded by the Epstein family with Perez Epstein entering the tank manufacturing business  and the shell and tube heat exchanger manufacturing and repair business with a fabrication facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the 70’s, the Epstein family purchased property in Hainesport, New Jersey and built a large facility designed for the specialized production needs of pressure vessels and shell and tube heat exchangers, a production facility designed for efficiency.




heat_exchanger3In the 90’s, Perry Products focused on shell and tube heat exchangers as the core business. Today, Perry Products still occasionally fabricates pressure vessels, but remains focused on shell and tube heat exchangers. With CNC drilling and milling, the latest in spray arc welding, clean room technology for manufacturing and assembling high alloy exchangers, and a fully operational reverse osmosis hydro test system, Perry Products continues to provide high quality carbon steel and alloy heat exchangers. With a Rapid Production Program (RPP), options are available to 4-6 week delivery of custom built pipe size models. Perry Products is a sister company to Perry Videx, one of the largest used process equipment suppliers in the world. Through its rerate, redesign, and refurbishment program, in conjunction with Perry Videx’s used equipment inventory, Perry Products can provide unique solutions to your heat transfer needs with used as well as new heat exchangers.