HTRI Thermal Design


Thermal Design Process

Thermal Design and Vibration Analysis Based on Time-Tested Heat Transfer Research Incorporated (HTRI) Heat Exchanger Design Software.

Once process conditions have been identified, the first step in Perry Products’ shell and tube heat exchanger design is to evaluate design alternatives using HTRI software, optimizing the thermal design for the required process conditions.

HTRI heat exchanger design calculations are backed by years of extensive research and data collected on heat transfer equipment.

Using fluid properties, and other design parameters specified by customers and our thermal engineers, fully incremental calculations of localized heat transfer and pressure drop are completed. The resulting optimized heat exchanger design is accompanied by a data sheet and summary calculations such as mean metal temperatures, number of baffles required, number of tubes required, outside diameter of the tubes, the overall tube length, baffle placement, pressure drop, and all other important parameters. HTRI software also performs vibration analysis based on each design’s tube configuration, baffle data, nozzle configuration, flow velocities and fluid properties. Calculations, tables, graphs and drawings provide confirmation of the entire thermal and hydraulic design process.