Quality Control

shutterstock_442254247Perry Products has a strict quality control program in conjunction with our standard ASME quality control manual. Many steps are taken to ensure high quality heat exchangers and components are manufactured to your specifications.

ASME Quality Standards

Perry Products follows our ASME Quality Control Manual with the addition of many in-house work procedures designed to ensure a high quality end product.

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Material identification is made simple with a state-of-the-art PMI gun, ensuring that specified materials are used in the manufacturing process. Certificates of Positive Material Identification can be provided upon request in addition to our suppliers’ Material Test Reports (MTRs).

Inspection Test Plan

No matter how large or small, every job includes an Inspection Test Plan (ITP) with hold and witness points for our customer, 3rd party inspectors and the ASME inspector.

Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) Reports

All NDE reports, such as radiography results, heat treatment charts, ultrasonic testing reports, helium leak testing results, etc. are available for examination by our customers.

Written Work Procedures

Clearly defined work procedures define the requirements for tube expansion, preparation for shipment, flange closure, cleaning, and many more work tasks.

Project Management and Communication

All jobs are managed, tracked and coordinated by a Project Manager. Change orders are implemented through the project management function, ensuring their implementation in a timely manner. Our Project Manager assigned to each job is in constant communication with our customers with up-to-date schedule information and progress reports. When an order requires expediting, our Project Manager coordinates the revised schedule. Project Management’s responsibility is to ensure a high quality experience with timely, meaningful communication between Perry Products and our customers.