Re-Rate, Redesign & Modification

Refinery 1 480X600Save Money By Rerating and/or Modifying Your Existing Heat Exchanger

Perry Products can rerate, redesign and/or modify your existing shell and tube heat exchanger and/or pressure vessel or provide a used heat exchanger and/or pressure vessel to enable reassignment for use in applications not originally considered. All rerated, redesigned and/or modified heat exchangers will meet ASME/NBIC code requirements. Through rerating, redesign and/or modification complete shell and tube heat exchangers and/or pressure vessels can be provided at a fraction of the cost of a similar new one.

Rerating and Modifying Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

1. A U1 form is provided and all technical information possible for the heat exchanger to be rerated. The heat exchanger being rerated must have the original name tag.
2. Perry Products builds an electronic duplicate of the shell and tube heat exchanger in our design software. The new required ratings are then used to determine if the current design can be rated to the new requirements or if modifications must be made to ensure compliance.
3. The original heat exchanger is evaluated for actual material thicknesses, fastener requirements, flange thicknesses, etc. This evaluation may require UT examinations for key pressure retaining components.
4. If the heat exchanger passes the design evaluation or is modified to pass the evaluation and material thicknesses are verified, a hydro test is performed.
5. A supplemental name plate is added to the heat exchanger.
6. Perry Products issues an updated “R” form indicating the rerate and/or modification.