Repair and Replacement Components

Repair and Retube

Hainesport, New Jersey, USA - Wednesday September 12, 2012: Scenes of industrial fabrication taking place at Perry Products of Hainesport, NJ. The firm specializes in the production of high quality shell and tube heat exchangers using thermal and mechanical designs geared to provide efficient solutions to unique heat transfer problems. Photography Copyright ©2012 Steven L. Lubetkin All Rights Reserved Email: Phone: 856.751.5491 http://www.lubetkin.netWhether retubing a bundle, repairing a channel, shell, floating head or other  components, Perry Products has a fully equipped facility to handle the job.  Repairs can be handled on a 24/7 basis or scheduled based on regular shop hours.

Inspection and Repair Procedure

Perry Products carefully inspects all incoming components before repair. We identify materials using positive material identification (PMI) equipment, record critical measurements, photographically document each item, and provide a full written report with supporting photography. As the component is disassembled, photographs record details of repair requirements. The scope of work is determined and approved by our customer before repair work begins.

Repair Services

Fabricate New Tube Bundle to Replace an Existing One
Perry Products replaces worn out tube bundles for all makes and models.

Component Replacement
Perry Products manufactures replacement parts on an emergency basis or under standard delivery terms. We replace fixed tube sheet bundle/shell combinations on a regular basis as well as channels, shells, floating heads, covers and more.

Full or Partial Tube Replacement
Whether one or multiple bad tubes need to be replaced, Perry Products does the job. If the tubes and bundle cage are in acceptable condition, often, the best choice may be to replace only the tubes that are leaking. In an emergency situation, partial tube replacement can greatly reduce the time required to return the tube bundle to service while not sacrificing valuable heat transfer surface area.

When time permits, total replacement of all tubes may be the best solution to guaranteeing long-term problem free operation.

Tube Re-Rolling
Perry Products re-expands existing tube to tubesheet joints to ensure a proper seal before re-installation of the tube bundle.

Seal/Strength Welding Tube to Tube Sheet Joints
While replacing the tubes, Perry Products can seal or strength weld the tube to tubesheet joint to ensure a long-term, leak free, strong joint.

Tube Plugging
In an emergency or when tubes cannot be pulled due to corrosion and/or external buildup of process fluid deposits, the best solution may be to plug leaking tubes. Perry Products plugs tubes using various methods, welded plugs, expansion plugs, etc.

Gasket Seat Resurfacing
Providing a leak free seal between pressure components is critical to eliminating down time, protecting the environment and avoiding potential fines associated with leaks. Perry Products resurfaces gasket seating surfaces by re-machining and/or weld buildup with re-machining. Perry Products can inspect gasket surfaces and will contact the customer for direction if we find a problem..

Upgrade Materials
When a material upgrade is needed, Perry Products can do the job with weld overlay, explosion bonded clad or substitution with the material of your choice.

Floating Head Repair and Modification
Floating heads often have pass partition wear and/or gasket surface deterioration. Perry Products can make all the necessary repairs as well as add or subtract pass partitions to meet your needs.

Full Pressure or Low Pressure Shop Hydro Testing
Full ASME or low pressure (100-150 psi) shop hydro testing can be performed on all pressure retaining components. With our Reverse Osmosis water supply, we can test any material with water rated less than 2ppm chloride content.

Bubble and/or Helium Leak Testing
In addition to hydro testing, bubble and helium leak testing can be performed to ensure sealed tube to tubesheet joints.

Weld Buildup, Overlay and Resurfacing
Perry Products can resurface worn, pitted, washed out or corroded surfaces using weld buildup, weld overlay, re-machining, or industry available coatings such as Belzona.


Replacement Components

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Perry Products can replace all components of your shell and tube heat exchanger with newly constructed components.  Replacement components can be “replacement in kind” (identical in construction and material type) or modified with upgraded materials and/or modified construction.  Perry Products provides all required ASME calculations necessary for the job.

With your existing drawing, Perry Products can manufacture replacement parts that fit your existing shell and tube heat exchanger exactly like the original parts.

Common Major Replacement Components

Tube Bundles
Floating Heads
Channel Assemblies
Shells and Shell Assemblies with Integral Tube Bundles
Nozzles and Nozzle Flanges

Common Modifications of Replacement Components

Change Material of Construction
Change Thickness or Gage
Reconfigure Baffle Count, Tube Passes, Nozzle Locations
Change Gasket Type
Add Overlay or Weld Buildup for Corrosion Protection

All changes are made in accordance with ASME code requirements.


Re-Rate, Redesign & Modification

Refinery 1 480X600Save Money By Rerating and/or Modifying Your Existing Heat Exchanger

Perry Products can rerate, redesign and/or modify your existing shell and tube heat exchanger and/or pressure vessel or provide a used heat exchanger and/or pressure vessel to enable reassignment for use in applications not originally considered. All rerated, redesigned and/or modified heat exchangers will meet ASME/NBIC code requirements. Through rerating, redesign and/or modification complete shell and tube heat exchangers and/or pressure vessels can be provided at a fraction of the cost of a similar new one.

Rerating and Modifying Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

  1. A U1 form is provided and all technical information possible for the heat exchanger to be rerated. The heat exchanger being rerated must have the original name tag.
  2. Perry Products builds an electronic duplicate of the shell and tube heat exchanger in our design software. The new required ratings are then used to determine if the current design can be rated to the new requirements or if modifications must be made to ensure compliance.
  3. The original heat exchanger is evaluated for actual material thicknesses, fastener requirements, flange thicknesses, etc. This evaluation may require UT examinations for key pressure retaining components.
  4. If the heat exchanger passes the design evaluation or is modified to pass the evaluation and material thicknesses are verified, a hydro test is performed.
  5. A supplemental name plate is added to the heat exchanger.
  6. Perry Products issues an updated “R” form indicating the rerate and/or modification.