Replacement Components

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Perry Products can replace all components of your shell and tube heat exchanger with newly constructed components.  Replacement components can be “replacement in kind” (identical in construction and material type) or modified with upgraded materials and/or modified construction.  Perry Products provides all required ASME calculations necessary for the job.

With your existing drawing, Perry Products can manufacture replacement parts that fit your existing shell and tube heat exchanger exactly like the original parts.

Common Major Replacement Components

Tube Bundles
Floating Heads
Channel Assemblies
Shells and Shell Assemblies with Integral Tube Bundles
Nozzles and Nozzle Flanges

Common Modifications of Replacement Components

Change Material of Construction
Change Thickness or Gage
Reconfigure Baffle Count, Tube Passes, Nozzle Locations
Change Gasket Type
Add Overlay or Weld Buildup for Corrosion Protection

All changes are made in accordance with ASME code requirements.